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Donation Perks!
07-08-2013, 10:46 AM (This post was last modified: 04-04-2014 11:42 AM by Darkstar1592.)
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Donation Perks!
Perks of Donating!

How to donate [Paypal only]:

Enter the amount you wish to donate in USD$.

Next time both you and a staff member are online, you will get your perks!

If you make a high tier donation, you will get the perks of the lower tiers too!

$2.99: Cheap Gear Pack
A [VIP I] tag before your name
20 diamonds
16 emeralds
32 gold ingot
64 iron ingot
128 coal
128 Log
512 cobble
128 Torches
14 obsidian
128 stone

$5.99: Weaponry Pack
A [VIP II] tag before your name
4 diamond swords
4 bows
8 stacks of arrows
4 iron armor sets
Access to Power Armor!
A free set of the PowerArmor of your choice
Extra land for your faction!!
All of the lower tier donation perks

$11.99: Exploration Pack
A [VIP III] tag before your name
Access to SkyLands World
Access to fly mode
Your name will be on the wynter login screen for the entire world

Thanks for Supporting Wynter Gaming and Artistry Incorporated, a volunteer run organization!
Our pockets and Your donations are all that keeps us alive!

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