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User and Staff Permissions - Darkstar1592 - 04-20-2013 04:58 AM

This is a full list of commands players and staff can use

Builder (Normal Players)

/Spawn - Teleports you to the spawn area. It does work when in a different world than the spawn area
/Afk - Broadcasts a message saying that you are afk
/Sethome - Sets your home location
/Sethome <homename> - Sets another home location with that id
/Home - Teleport to your home location
/Delhome - Delete your home location
/Mail send <player> <message> - send a message to someone who is offline
/.Me <message> - example: /me is sad = *<Player> is sad
/Seen <player> - displays when a player was last online
/Tpa <player> - Sends a teleport request to a player. If they accept you will be teleported to them
Tpahere <player> - Sends a teleport request to a player. If they accept they will be teleported to you
/Tpaccept - Accepts a teleport request
/Tpdeny - Denies a teleport request
/Hat - Makes your head look like the block you're holding
/Seen <player> - Displays the last time that person was online
/Itemdb - Tells you the item id of the item in your hand
/Suicide - Kills yourself
/Powertool <command> - Adds a command to an item. When you left click with that item in your hand it will issue that command


*Access to all Builder commands
/Co inspect - see who places/breaks blocks. Do /co inspect again to turn it off
/Fly - Toggle the ability to fly. Similar to creative fly
/Speed <1-5> - Adjust flight speed
/Tp <player> <player> - Teleports the first player to the second player without the ability to accept or deny access
/Kick <player> - Kicks a player from the server. They are able to reconnect immediately
/Unban <player> - Unbans the specified player
/Tempban <player> <time in hours> - Bans the specified player for the specified amount of hours (If this is done NOTIFY ADMINS IMMEDIATELY)


*Access to all Builder, and Veteran commands and tools
/Toggledownfall - Toggle rain
/time set <day/night/ticks>- Changes the in-game time
/Vanish - Toggle invisibility
/Ban <player> - Bans the player from wynter
/Tempban <player> <time> - Bans the player for the specified amount of time
/Weather <weather> - Changes the weather
/Broadcast <message> - Sends a server broadcast
/Say <message> - Sends a message from the console


Access to all Builder, Veteran, and Moderator commands and tools
/Give <Player> <Item id> <ammount> - Spawns the specified item to the specified player
All essentials commands
Exempt from being jailed or kicked
/save-all - Saves the world
/Reload - Reloads the server


*Access to all commands, tools, server console and settings
//Wand etc. - All worldedit commands
/mangaddp <group> <permission> - Add a permission to the specified group
/mangdelp <group> <permission> - Remove a permission to the specified group
/spawnmob <mob> <amount> - spawns the specified amount of the specified mob where you are looking
/Gamemode <player> <Survival/Creative/Adventure> - Changes your gamemode
/Gamerule <rule> - Change the server game rules