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08-03-2013, 04:28 AM (This post was last modified: 08-03-2013 04:30 AM by Darkathenes.)
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Welcome to Mortuus Terra… The Land of Apocalypse.

Years have passed since a nuclear war. You are one of a handful of survivors in one of the few cities that weren’t hit by the bombs. But radiation is everywhere – in the air and in both water and rain.

[Image: dH01E.png]

Radiation is deadly in Mortuus Terra. In the air, it can range from mild to severe depending on how close you are to any craters. In the water, it’s usually high, armor can protect you against the radiation, but it quickly corrodes. The safest place to be is indoors or underground, bt even that isn’t completely safe. However, there is one thing you can do to help protect yourself or the area around your safehouse:

build a GECK! A GECK is a machine that reduces radiation in the immediate area. To build one, place a sponge with a lever on top of it and surround it with four pistons that face outwards.

[Image: FrB7a.png]

The mutated zombies that roam the city are tougher than normal zombies. They’ve been irradiated by the bombs from the war and the resulting radiation, and are harder to kill than you might be expecting. Taking on a group of them is not wise unless you’re with friends or have good equipment and strategies. But the rotten flesh they drop is one of the only ways to consistently get food, and if you don’t stockpile some, you’ll starve to death.

[Image: QoH77.png]

In Mortuus Terra, electricity is unique. Redstone and other redstone devices won't function unless you build yourself a generator!

A generator allows you to use redstone within a certain radius, and are therefore crucial to your survival!

[Image: dQ146.png]

While some say that going at it alone is the only way to survive in Mortuus Terra, others swear there is strength in numbers. Either way, you should be aware of the Factions in the city.

First, not everyone you meet will be friendly. Undoubtedly, there will be survivors who have lost their humanity to some extent, and have banded together to form nefarious gangs that roam the city murdering and thieving. These factions, assuming you are not in one of them, should be treated with caution as they would just as soon kill you and loot your corpse.

There are other factions, however, that are friendly and seek new survivors to join their ranks. Some of them are defenders of sorts who wage war with the gangs. Others are just looking to survive by defending their safehouse and trying to rebuild society.

As you explore the city and meet new people, you will discover some all and have the decision to join or avoid any of them.

[Image: vRInr.png]

Trees exist in the city, but the radiation has stripped them of any leaves, and killed any grass. and any wheat farms you manage to start are likely to be looted. If you’re smart, you’ll make farms underground, or in some cleverly hidden location where your crops are more likely to be safe. The occasional plane will deliver a supply drop, with random resources inside. But the drops are random, and land anywhere in the city.

You’d better find shelter, get yourself a weapon, and find some food. It’s going to be a tough life.

There is a sign at spawn to teleport you there. GRIEFING, STEALING, TROLLING, RAIDING, AND PvP/PvP ITEM STEALING.
-Welcome to Wynter Apocalypse!


[Image: 2012-09-28_012110_3706058.jpg]
9 iron blocks,
1 furnace,
8 iron bars,
4 redstone lamps,
4 levers.

GECK Shields:
[Image: 2012-09-28_012255_3706068.jpg]
1 sponge,
4 regular pistons,
1 lever.

Radio Broadcast Towers:
[Image: 2012-09-28_010248_3706055.jpg]
3 redstone lamps,
2 stone buttons,
1 lever,
5 iron bars,
5 signs (max).
*Electricity required (generator).*
*First broadcast message on lowest iron bar, second message part on next highest iron bar, etc.*
*Levers, buttons, and signs Must be facing the same way.*
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