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Wynter Kingdoms PvP
06-23-2013, 10:05 AM
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Wynter Kingdoms PvP
Soon, Wynter PvP will be switching to a RPG Kingdom PvP gamemode.

Basically, you will be able to build settlements, then gradually get larger until you are a full kingdom!
Once you are a king/queen, you can declare war on other kingdoms. If you overtake another kingdom, it becomes part of your kingdom.
You overtake a kingdom by finding its castle and killing everyone inside.

You can also choose to be a barbarian. Barbarians live in villages, and go sack other villages.
NOTE: Barbarians can only sack other villages! Settlements and Private homes can not be attacked! A good way to tell wether it is a village or not is if it has walls around it or not. All villages are required to have walls.

We will use factions to define kingdoms, ally with others, and declare war with others.
You will choose a name once you reach the village tier.
Join a pre-existing kingdom by doing:
/f join [name of kingdom]
Ally with a pre-existing kingdom by doing:
/f ally [name of kingdom]
If you ally with a kingdom, nothing changes except you will not be able to kill citizens of the allied kingdom.
Declare war with a pre-existing kingdom by doing:
/f enemy [name of kingdom]

Factions will NOT be used for claiming land. If a castle is claimed, other kingdoms will not be able to get into a castle to overtake it.

It is not required that all players are a part of a kingdom. If you want to live alone that is perfectly ok! You can even build a base with all the requirements of a kingdom, but not be one. It is completely up to you!

The tiers of Wynter Kingdoms PvP are as follows:

Talk to an admin about advancing to the next tier, but all requirements must be met before you will be ranked up.

Must have a forum post about your settlement. Click Here
8 Gold Ingots or 2 Diamonds
Atleast two Citizens
Atleast four buildings of any kind. (Houses for citizens qualify)
Small Public Farm

Must choose a name for your village
16 Gold Ingots or 4 Diamonds
Walls around your village
Animal Farm
Town Hall
Atleast four citizens

32 Gold Ingots or 8 Diamonds
Variety of Farms
Public Storage
Crafting Building
Smelting Building
Hotel/Inn of some sort
Mining Hub
Logo to symbolize your city on the forums or other sites, etc.
Atleast 6 citizens

128 Gold Ingots or 40 Diamonds
Full sized Castle
Two more public facilities of your choice (mob spawner, storage cart system to allies, obsidian/cobble generator)
Archer towers around the perimeter of the kingdom
Nether Portal
Storage must be stocked
Atleast 10 Citizens

256 Gold Ingots or 64 diamonds.
Atleast 20 Citizens
Has overtaken 2 other kingdoms
Atleast 20 Citizens
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