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Wynter Medieval Planet Minecraft Post
03-29-2013, 02:26 AM (This post was last modified: 08-26-2013 03:35 PM by Darkstar1592.)
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Wynter Medieval Planet Minecraft Post
Wynter Medieval RPG

| 24/7 | Survival | PvP | RPG |

Server Description

in Wynter Medieval, there is an entirely pure RPG experience, but still a normal survival aspect of it. Dragons spawn in different places around the world. Killing different types of dragons will give you different scrolls, which can be used teleport you to different locations of the server. We have multiple quests that each give different rewards. You can even unlock different spells by doing quests. There are also dangerous storms that make minecraft just a little bit more difficult. The storms will happen occur as randomly as normal storms, but are much more dangerous.

Stealing is also a large part of wynter. You can pickpocket players by sneaking and rightclicking them. But be careful! There is a chance that you will fail! If you fail in pickpocketing them the player will be alerted and will probably kill you (not good). If you pickpocket a player the first time you right-click on them, they will not even know you've pickpocketed them!
You can also pick locks on chests and iron doors by rightclicking on them with a redstone torch.

You can level up specific skills by using them. Similar to the popular mcmmo plugin, the more you practice a skill, the more it levels up. There are perks you can unlock depending on the level of a skill. For example, the higher your pickpocketing skill is, the more likely you will pickpocket the player the first time and they will not even know what you've done.

Not all of the features wynter has to offer has been listed here! It is recommended that you read up on the plugins we have so you know everything you can do!

Keep in mind that it is not required for you to use these features.
You can do whatever you want. 
Playing normal survival is intended to be a large part of wynter, even with the rpg game type.
It's entirely up to you

Plugins we use:
Scroll Teleportation
Flaming Arrows

Plugin Info:
Scroll Teleportation
Ever wanted to fast travel somewhere in minecraft?
Well now you can!
Certain pieces of paper, dubbed 'scrolls', can take you to places. Like the 'SpawnScroll' will bring you to spawn!
Or the 'SovangardeScroll' will bring you to the end!
[Image: 2013-07-21_22.18.57.png.-m1.png]
BukkitDev Link: Scroll Teleportation

Players, NPCs, and mobs now bleed when they take damage!
[Image: Bloodshed_Logo.png]
BukkitDev Link: Bloodshed

Flaming Arrows
Your flaming arrows will set flammable blocks on fire!
BukkitDev Link: Flaming Arrows

Protect your homes! Protect your cities!
More info coming soon!
[Image: residencelogocrop.png.-m1.png]
BukkitDev Link: Residence

ArmorHUD is a plugin that displays your armor durability on your screen.
Your armor will never break without you knowing
[Image: ArmorHUD.png.-m1.png]
BukkitDev Link: ArmorHUD

SkyrimRPG is a plugin that adds tons of Skyrim's features into Minecraft!
SkyrimRPG adds features such as magic spells, skills, and even thievery!
[Image: SRPG_Logo_New.jpg.-m1.png]

Note: There is already a post about SkyrimRPG
Look at the forum post about it here: SkyrimRPG Post

qQuest allows the admins to create quests for the players to interact with. No more running around in circles when you're bored! Just start a new quest! You will never be bored again!
BukkitDev Link: qQuest

Special Stuff

We have a TeamSpeak channel!
Online map used to view the world in real time!
We have an online IRC chat which allows you to chat with players even if you are not playing minecraft!


Griefing will not be tolerated, however stealing is encouraged!

Do not ask for anything to do with OP, cheats, spawned in items, or creative.
Wynter is survival, that is how minecraft is meant to be played, deal with it.

No hacking. (X-Ray is ok.)

Be respectful to other players and staff.

Respect the rights of other players to their surrounding land. Don't build right next to someone, they probably won't like it.

Our staff members are fun people, but they know when to tell you to stop, listen to what they tell you to do.

Have fun!
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03-30-2013, 01:09 PM
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RE: Wynter Planet Minecraft Post
Sweet, thats awesome.
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04-02-2013, 10:32 PM
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RE: Wynter Planet Minecraft Post
Seems pretty good to me.
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