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How to become staff
03-27-2013, 04:27 AM (This post was last modified: 12-15-2013 05:31 AM by Darkstar1592.)
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How to become staff
People want to know how to become a staff member.
Keep in mind that there is no specific list of things that you can do and you will be promoted. It is a combination of many things, most of which are listed here.

A good place to start is to be active on these forums and in-game.
You can refer people here and tell everyone you know. (Who doesn't want to play to destroy and grief)
That way we get more players and you are looked at with a higher opinion.

You must be trusted and friendly. Also you must show the ability to be a leader.

Have done something on the server and are an active player.

Getting banned, griefing, or stealing will not help your case. Neither will constantly asking about staff promotions.

Staff Timeframe
Note: Just because you have played for the specified amount of time does not mean you will immediately be promoted

- Invited to be staff by an Admin
- Played for atleast 1 month

- Be a veteran for atleast 2 months

- Be a moderator for atleast 3 months

- Be an smod for atleast 6 months
- Have a personal relationship with the admins (Talk over Skype/Teamspeak often etc.)
- Prove you will help the server and do what you can to make the server better

Application Process

Every now and then (Most commonly after a new world) the admins do staff promotions
This is when normal players can apply and one or two of the applicants will be invited by the admins to be staff

You will know this is happening because you will be told in-game and a new category will show up on the forums called "Staff Applications"

To make an application, you will need to go to that category and make a new thread (Blue button near the middle-right of the page)
In that thread you will need to say the following:

- Username
- How long you have played on wynter
- Why you want to be staff
- Why we should consider you for staff

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