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Wynter: Exploration
04-03-2014, 03:43 AM (This post was last modified: 04-03-2014 03:45 AM by Darkstar1592.)
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Wynter: Exploration
Wynter Exploration

NOTE: We have a new ip:

The theme for this new world is exploration

New Plugins:
With new themes come new plugins!

The world border has been removed!

We're bringing back the good ol' wynter classics: Factions, mcMMO, and Parachute, and we've got a few new ones: uPlanes and BackPacks++

Im sure a lot of you already know what it is but i'll explain it anyway.
Factions enables you to create cities, claim land for those cities, and go to war with other factions!

How to Use:

/f create <name> (create the faction)
/f claim (claim land for the faction)
/f sethome (set /f home location)
/f open (toggle wether people can join or have to be invited)
/f invite <player> (Invite a player to join your faction)
/f join <faction> (Join an open faction)

All faction commands can be found here

Again, this is a pretty popular one but heres an explanation:
In mcMMO, you have skill levels. The more you exercise that skill the higher up the skill level for that skill goes. The higher your skill level the more perks you get when using that skill! (Example: A good mining skill can give you fortune all the time)

Parachute is an old wynter classic that we had in the first world. Left click with a feather in your hand to open a parachute. Left click or sneak to close it.

With uPlanes you can craft planes and fly around in them!
Controls: w - forward, a - up, s - backwards, d - down

When made, Planes will have randomly generated Stats such as Health, Speed and their Name. These can be edited later on using the upgrade tool.
To upgrade a plane, place the plane in the left slot of an anvil, any upgrades you want in the middle slot and use the bar at the top to rename it.
You can even create custom destinations and use autopilot to get there!

[Image: planeRecipe.png]

Iron Blocks: Health +9
Iron Ingots: Health +1
Redstone Blocks: Speed +9
Redstone Dust: Speed +1

Craft portable chests and right click with them in your hand to open them!

[Image: 2yxqed2.jpg]

Don't forget to take a look at the server map!
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