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Towny Plugin
12-12-2013, 02:15 AM (This post was last modified: 12-12-2013 07:47 AM by Darkstar1592.)
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Towny Plugin
We recently got the towny plugin. Towny enables you to make towns, claim and protect land, add players to your town, and much more!

Towny wiki:

It costs $250 to make a town.
Use /money to see how much money you have.
You can get money by selling things in the server shop in spawn or selling items by holding them in your hand and using /sell hand.

Shop Sell Prices:

Iron: $100
Gold: $200
Lapis Lazuli: $300
Redstone: $500
Diamond: $1000

Wheat: $10
NetherWart: $20
Sugar: $30
NetherQuartz: $40
Blaze Rod: $50

How to use towny:

To join someone else's town, use /town join <townname>

1. To make a town, you use /town new <townname>. That will cost $250

2. Once you have a town, you can use /town to see info on your town.
The first thing you need to do is deposit some money into the town bank using /town deposit <amount of money>.
You need to have money in the bank because every day the town takes $30 from the bank as an upkeep charge.

3. (Optional) Next you can claim land for your town.
The area in which you create your town is the home plot for your town.
When you leave a plot that your town owns, you will receive this message: Wilderness - (PvP)
Once you get that message you can do /town claim to claim that plot.
Every plot you claim must be connected to another plot that your town owns.
Based on how many people are in your town, you can only claim a certain number of plots.
Use /town and look at the top of the list to see how many plots you can claim.

4. (Optional) Protect land:
If you want to prevent anyone who is not a member of your town from placing and breaking blocks in your town,
use /town set perm outsider off

5. Optional town settings:
Turn fire spread on/off: /town toggle fire <on/off>
Turn mob spawning on/off: /town toggle mobs <on/off>
Turn pvp on/off: /town toggle pvp <on/off>
Make your town open to the public/ invite only: /town toggle open <on/off>

- Darkstar
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