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1.7.2 (For real this time)
12-07-2013, 11:08 AM
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1.7.2 (For real this time)
We are finally in 1.7.2! You might think that we have been in 1.7.2 for a while now, but thats not entirely true. It is all explained here: 1.7 is here, but there are things to address...

The changes that were made during the update are as follows:
1. A new world
I managed to save your inventories and ender chests, but I was not able to allow you to move chests and other things like that into the new world because the world corrupted as a result of the update.
2. A few plugins have been removed.
Those are: armorHud, magicSpells, and Residence. ArmorHud would display your armor stats on a sidebar, magicSpells added awesome magic spells, and residence is what you would use to claim land.
We removed armorHud because it wasn't very necessary and kinda got in the way. We removed magicSpells because each world has a different theme and magic was the old worlds theme. We removed residence because it was very hard to use and isn't as necessary as we originally thought.
3. Wynter Theme: Since we will be starting a new world, and a new theme, I have been hard at work coding plugins to make that possible. I will make a post explaining everything about those plugins once they are finished. The theme for the new world will be Assassins vs Imperials. Darkathenes has made a post about that here.
There are three groups you can join. The Assassins, The Imperials, and Astropia. Darkathenes leads The Assassins, I lead The Imperials, and Swampoleaon is king of Astropia.
As always, it is not required that you participate in the theme, you can play however you like!
4. You can now set a maximum of 5 home locations. (Players would go to someone's house, set a home there, then go back later and grief it. Not good)
5. The world border has been increased by 1000 blocks in all directions. (From a 7000 block diameter to an 8000 block diameter).

- Darkstar
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