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Assassins and Imperials
11-17-2013, 02:28 AM (This post was last modified: 11-17-2013 03:47 AM by Darkathenes.)
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Assassins and Imperials
A Brief History...
Throughout the ages Assassins have lived peacefully in the mountains of Cerasia. A new faction grew to power, obsessed with the control of every living being on the planet. They drove the Assassins from their groves and burned the dwellings of their cities. The citizens fled from their leafy forest cities, never to return to the ashes of their civilizations.

Now, just three years ago, the Assassin's ships beached on Wynterian lands. Around three years ago the Imperials also struck aground after a ferocious hurricane threw them off the trail of the Assassins. Both groups began rebuilding their cities and empire.

The Assassins have never been more vigilant in their lives, for they never know what comes next.

The Imperials have never been more aggressive in their time, for they want naught but to control Wynteria, for better or for worse; and rid the land of the Assassins.

Who will you join?

Assassins: The Pirates of Freedom

Hoods define them, no, but what are these Assassins up to anyway? Shady, mysterious, always in the background. Selective in their recruiting and their grottos very hard to find, they will defend them with their lives.
Assassin Armor: Ranges from robes to ancient magic armor said to be very powerful.
Assassin Tools: Assassins make only three blades, but otherwise use what anyone else would use.

Only one word was every gleamed out of a dying assassin, "Tacit", and no more.

The Imperials: Policeful Legionaries with Dreams

Heavily armed and skilled in battle, the Imperials are very public in their war. Their motives are very confusing, but you can at least tell that the Imperials wish to destroy the Assassins and establish cities flowing with wealth.
Legion Armor: Diamond or iron armor can be crafted into legion armor with varying magical perks.
Legion Weapons: Varying from swords to rare weapons, but they have the standard equipment right after joining.

A piece of information taken from a dying imperial captain was, " Kynareth...find...isles..", the Assassins look toward this with great care; to protect much that they fight for.

Fight the war from either side, or simply live amongst it in the cities.
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