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1.7 is here, but there are things to address...
11-16-2013, 04:26 PM (This post was last modified: 11-18-2013 12:08 AM by Darkstar1592.)
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1.7 is here, but there are things to address...
As most of you have hopefully noticed by now, wynter is online running 1.7.2!
But alas, it may seem like we're on 1.7, but really we aren't. You can connect to wynter with the 1.7.2 update installed, but very few to none of the 1.7 features are actually implemented.
Wynter uses the CraftBukkit server jar so we can install plugins and make wynter as fun as possible. Bukkit has not been updated yet. More info on that here. There is another widely used server jar that is compatible with bukkit plugins. It is called Spigot. I downloaded the spigot jar file and installed it just like any normal server jar. Surely enough wynter was online and I could connect while on 1.7.2. Darkathenes quickly realized that there were no new biomes or flowers or anything in the new world. We did some testing and it seems we have been duped by the spigot team. Spigot had released a jar that was compatible with 1.7.2, but it was really a 1.6.4 jar in disguise.
Because of this, the current world still has all the 1.6.4 generation and we will be going back to square one, waiting for the bukkit team to release a jar file. We will use the current world and current 1.7.2 compatible server file until bukkit releases one. When bukkit releases a working jar file, we will create a new world with the 1.7.2 generation, and make a warp to that world. The command you will use to get to the new world will be "/warp newworld". For about a week, you will be able to warp in and out of the new world and the current world and transfer any items you gathered in this world into the new one.

Also, as previously planned, there would be some changes on wynter when we updated. And since we thought we updated, those changes have already been made.
First, plugins: A few plugins have been removed. Those are: armorHud, magicSpells, and Residence. ArmorHud would display your armor stats on a sidebar, magicSpells added awesome magic spells, and residence is what you would use to claim land.
We removed armorHud because it wasn't very necessary and kinda got in the way. We removed magicSpells because each world has a different theme and magic was the old worlds theme. We removed residence because it was very hard to use and isn't as necessary as we originally thought.
Next, theme: Since we will be starting a new world, and a new theme, I have been hard at work coding plugins to make that possible. I will make a post explaining everything about those plugins once they are finished. The theme for the new world will be Assassins vs Imperials. Darkathenes has made a post about that here
As always, it is not required that you participate in the theme, you can play however you like!
Some minor changes include: You can now set a maximum of 5 home locations. (Players would go to someone's house, set a home there, then go back later and grief it. Not good)
The world border has been increased by 1000 blocks in all directions. (From a 7000 block diameter to an 8000 block diameter).
The admins may seem inactive, but rest assured we are hard at work making your wynter experience the best it can be!

On behalf of the entire Wynter team, thank you for your continued patience and support of wynter

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