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Full Version: Suggestion: A mob arena!
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It would be awesome if there was a mob arena. Like make an arena with towers for sniping them and things to hide behind, and then add a ton of mob spawners in there. No creepers- they'll blow it apart! Its a great way to get xp, train, or its just something to do if you're bored. I dont think it requires any plugins or anything extra... so why not?
the problem with that is that its over used, thus not making us much different than other servers, plus since like you said its easier to get XP, so people will be running around with EXTREMELY O.P swords and bows, yes we do that now but only staff does that and thats different. so i disagree with it.
Well, Mist is right. It will be a cool thing to add. It would be a fun thing to do and a nice way to get xp. People farm xp anyways but this would add a high risk of death to make it fair. With the op tools, people will get those eventually, regardless.
It would be possible with redstone to rig an on/off switch so it could double as a pvp arena.
We've had one in all the worlds before, but knowing that we still don't even have a spawn yet I think we have some higher priorities. Im sure it will happen eventually, just not right now.
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