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Full Version: Settler seeks a home.
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Amazing server terrain, trees,.. i much prefer the raw Legit style spawn to places obviously done in creative and world edit.

I'm new and seeking to play this server at least near others.
Typically I'm a lone lonely loner, alone. I usually play a server 20-50 hrs, doing a small home or 2, gardens, maybe get red-dust and paper for an ingame map.
Like a sick addict I'm approaching a point of discomfort that may allow me to change.
Anybody want me as a resident or nieghbor?

Note, I'm not into using creative, no flying (i jumped off spawn tree, 2nd time I edged down safely), not XP grinding, Nether or The End.
The extent of my Role Playing is to be a legit builder, farmer, miner.
I'm not a big chat person and I may quit soon to again isolate (not your fault) But I can promise you several things:

I don't grief.
I don't beg for stuff.
I can leave all my chests unlocked when I quit.
I'm open to rules and building suggestions.

I'm not a Skyblocks person. And I'm sorrta sick of Winter (uge March was rough here). Otherwise, idk.
I maybe "first come, first served," whoever gets my attention 1st here or ingame, idk, I'll aim to be a side-kick to (until I think i want to be alone again).

Untill then I'm messing around near spawn and doing some modest exploration. cya o/

Mcfly, i will take you in as a new member of Astropia.

King Swampoleaon
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